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Edius X 10 Pro Free Download

Edius X right now is the latest Edius version from GrassValley until they bring a new one. Edius is always something that apart itself from other video editing apps. It introduced us a new era of non-linear editing with all its versions and is being the ideal video editing software for people with any purpose in mind, including filmmakers, production companies, film studios, professional video enthusiasts, YouTubers, video journalists, etc. So, Download Edius 10 for your windows PC and enjoy this reliable software to challenge the activities of the video editing industry. Know that you must need an EDIUS ID and QuickTime to run the app.

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In the world of video, filming, youtubing, considering the best video editing software could be challenging. And to answer this, EDIUS comes up and ruling the market. It opens the barricade of your one’s creativity and productivity. EDIUS makes the work of editing video quick and intuitive, not letting one to wait hours of hours in rendering videos. This app also works with the most modern recording formats, codecs, and cameras natively. So, you are allowed to mix multiple codecs while working on multi-camera editing. It also equips a wide variety of tools to help you get the best out of your video projects, for example, proDAD video effects, NEWBlue Video Filters, tools to stabilize images for unsteady shots, audio processing tools like AudioRestore, Audio Effects Suite, AGC & Mastering Effects Suite, and much more. EDIUS X Pro is capable of 3D video editing as well. You can also try Adobe After Effects

From the very beginning with EDIUS, meaning to install the app, you don’t need to undergo any advanced configuration steps. It can be deployed with no significant efforts. All you need to accept the agreement shown to your device and the click to install. It will be done automatically, requiring no more instructions to provide the app to get completed. Upon launching, you will meet with the comprehensive user interface that EDIUS X has, containing a smooth layout surrounded with well-organized functions in toolbars and menus. Easy to locate and use.

EDIUS Pro is not a beginner-friendly since its maximum features are hard to use in the early stages. Users who have former experience with similar software can figure out things and work with its features effectively. However, a help manual is there in this app that can assist you through everything whenever you get stuck. Continuous working with video projects can help you become professional in no time.

EDIUS X is all about fastness, superior system stability, flexibility, and creative tools. It can process real-time several layers at the same time and at full resolution and frame rate. With all the required features and functions into the app you have to do so. EDIUS X has got a fully redesigned core engine including a modular concept that ensures even better performance for completely customizable workflows. Thanks to the new modular design, which enhance the feature set and workflow options of EDIUS X Offline Installer. As a result, everyone will get their needed things and get new technologies and web servers like machine learning while developing a project. Furthermore, EDIUS X Pro comes with Background Rendering tool to make the workflow smooth, innovative, and virtually irresistible, ensuring no interruption during the ongoing development.

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EDIUS 10 allows you to produce complex video on your PC using some of the great features and functions. Select a folder to add clips and let the app automatically import every supported file from the folder. You get to specify the size of the project you are going to create, select whether SD, HD, 4K or DV. Also, you can choose the frame rate between the range from 23.98 p to 59.94i and choose the bit value and then name the project. After completing these steps, you can access the main window and get started with editing. You have got a wide range of possibilities, including adding video and audio tracks, linking or splitting them, splitting them in sequences, inserting In/Out points, applying transition effects, audio mixing using the audio mixer, and many more.

EDIUS X Full Offline Installer supports a user friendly HDR (High Dynamic Range) that lets you import files, edit, and export easily. It also supports I/O cards from companies like BlackMagic Design and AJA, also allowing seamless integration with existing hardware. You can find an enhanced Mync program that lets you organize and share video recordings and other media files with others. Apart from all video editing capabilities, EDIUS 10 also includes a library manage component. This will allow you to organize all you project easily and intuitively. You can also keep your different items to a favorites list for later easier access while needing them. The Mync content management application by EDIUS Pro Offline Installer can also help you load diverse video simultaneously and preview them easily.

EDIUS X doesn’t slow down your PC as well, because of the marquee feature that makes it happened, minimizing use of CPU power and getting real-time editing at once. It uses Intel Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration that ensures distributed processing of several decoding processes. Similarly, with this this app decodes during playback, doesn’t matter you are working very much compressed 4k 30p/24p H.294 files, even with PCs that lack enough processing power. EDIUS 10 Pro contains several functions to boost the efficiency of editing with various editing modes and advanced effects, namely, horizontal editing mode with different options, a proxy editing mode, background processing, nest sequence functions, keyboard and button shortcuts with customizability, 10-bit color correction, and making of 4K editing workflow with the help of HQX codec from the Grass Valley.

EDIUS 10 Offline Installer supports various creative tools with AAF files, enabling you perform advanced color correction and color grading. Besides, this 64-bit program can use AAF files to help use in various situations and meet its main roles. For instance, you can integrate DaVinci Resolve and Avid Pro Tools of Blackmagic Design. You are also capable of using multiple plug-ins that can increases the capableness of your creativity. Plug-ins can get you access to multiple video effects, audio filters, and title programs. The more you think creative, the more you get to do. By get complete power over using Intel Quick Sync Video and Mync can assist you manage all things from material management to encoding/decoding at high speed.

GrassValley, the developer of EDIUS, is continuously updating and enhancing the video editor to take it the optimal position. Thanks to the optimized EDIUS engine that makes it possible to work with video sources up to 4k. A comfortable editing environment in real-time is awaiting for you to get started with, so quickly and effectively. It’s worth mentioning EDIUS Offline Installer doesn’t contain subscription, but one time fee can get you a permanent license and free updates for whole life.

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Features Highlights-

  • Background Rendering– no interruption while editing, let it render in your back, without effecting the workflow
  • Background Export– exporting files in background utilizing the new background rendering engine, no pause to your ongoing work
  • Optimized Performance– better performance with advanced technology to get optimal usage by EDIUS X. Intel QuickSync and a wide GPU support for hardware acceleration, and the new modular design to use multi-core CPUs
  • Optimized Audio Sync Performance– even faster audio sync function works automatically, auto-alignment for any clips you use to your projects, experience multi-cam editing like never before
  • Layouter Motion Tracking with Anchor Mode & Chase Mode– Anchor mode is great for converting aspect ratios as well as multi-camera shots, letting you avoid auto picture reframing. Chase mode can help in attaching an animation, label, or video to your work easily
  • Native Support for the Latest Codecs & Cameras- compatible with latest cameras and codec releases natively like never before from a non-linear editing app
  • 265 Export-accelerated render while exporting by adhering the objective of NVIDIA GPU support
  • GV Job Monitoring- notifies you about what is happening on background, as you need to see the outcome or the activities
  • GUI Color- a polished darker colored theme for GUI, making it even more comfortable to edit, cool appearance that doesn’t affect your eye
  • VST Plug-in Support– extended support for VST plug-ins along with latency compensation support and a robust WaveShell integration
  • Ongoing Continuous Development– nonstop updates on EDIUS X, growing its suites and making it more creative

What’s New? in to Edius 10 or Edius X

  • Support Nikon Z9 N-RAW format with ProRes RAW and N-Log color space
  • Nikon cameras’ ProRes RAW files and N-RAW files proxy editing support
  • 8K storyboard support; create, edit, export up to 8K resolution projects
  • Enhanced Copy & Paste Clip Attribute Function, pasting attributes to many clips and copy clip color to paste items
  • Enhanced HLS format: EDIUS X Pro can edit and export projects in HLS format

EDIUS X Pro Download Technical Setup Details: 

  • Full Software Name: EDIUS X Pro Download
  • Software Version: 10.32.8750
  • Full Setup Size:
  • License: Premium
  • Developer: Grass Valley

EDIUS X Pro Download System Requirements:

  • Windows OS (64-Bit version): Windows 10 (v1903 or later), 11.
  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB of RAM or later (16 GB or later recommended for 4K projects).
  • Hard Disk Space (HDD/SSD): 6 GB of available space to install, fast drive to store video.
  • Processor (CPU): CPU with AVX2 support: Intel 4th Generation or equivalent AMD CPU or better.
  • Graphics Card (GPU): 1 GB VRAM or later (2 GB or later recommended for 4K projects).
  • Sound Card: with WDM driver support.

EDIUS 10 Pro Download

Download EDIUS X 10 Offline Installer for your PC from this website. Launch the app, and start using, enjoy video editing experience like no other non-linear editor. Remember, a stable internet connection is required to active software license. You can active it offline and use for EDIUS X Workgroup.

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