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CPU-Z Free Download

CPU-Z, as its name contains processor, meaning it is a tool related to your system processor. It shows you in-depth details about your PC’s processor, not just that but gathers details about your system’s primary devices. CPUZ from CPUID, the developer of HWMonitor, which is another brilliant utility for your PC to read some of the primary health sensors of your PC system. CPU-Z utility helps you identify PC hardware issues when you want to troubleshoot them. It provides you details for processor name, type, and vendor, processor package, processing power, architecture, number of cores, core stepping and process, internal & external clocks, clock multiplier, clock speed, partial overclock recognition, and processor features with compatible instructions sets, and even GPU and RAM information, displays everything in a table-based structure. Scroll down & up to see all the details of your PC in one place easily. Download CPU-Z for your Windows PC.

CPU-Z, like this utility, you will get a lot of instances out there, but CPU-Z stands the crowd because of its effortlessness. Everything is clearly visible in the form of a table containing technical information relevant to the processor and information for the Mainboard, Memory, SPD (Serial Presence Detect), Graphics, Bench, and System. All the options are split into specific tabs and include information about the device you’ve on your PC. Other than these seven sections, no command icons are added to the interface of CPUZ Download. Consequently, you get nothing to face but the details you seek. The details displayed by the program are mostly data-based, which perhaps unsuits inexperienced users, but users with somewhat technical knowledge will be thankful for the displayed details. It’s possible to set up parameters for this utility if you want; just get a configuration file, cpuz.ini, in a similar folder as the cpuz.exe file.

CPU section has-

  • Processor’s Name, Code Name, Package, Brand ID, Technology, Core VID, Specification, Family- Ext. Family, Model- Ext. Model, Stepping, Revision, and Instructions.
  • Clocks’ Core Speed, Multiplier, Bus Speed, and Rated FSB.
  • Cache’s L1 Data, L1 Instruction, Level 2, and Level 3.
  • Selection, Cores, and Threads

Mainboard section has-

  • Motherboard’s Manufacturer, Model, Bus Specifications, Chipset- Northbridge & Southbridge, Revision, and LPCIO.
  • BIOS’ Brand, Version, Sensor, and Date.
  • Graphics Interface’s Bus, Transfer Rate, and Side Band Addressing.

Memory section has-

  • Type, Size, Channel, DC mode, and Frequency.
  • Timings and Timing table: Frequency, DRAM, Latency, Delay, Precharge, Cycle Time, etc.

SPD section has-

  • Memory Slot Selection- Slot, Module Size, Bandwidth, Module Manufacturer, DRAM Manufacturer, Part, Serial Number, etc.
  • Timings Table with Frequency, Latency, Voltage, Command Rate, Precharge, etc.

Graphics section has-

  • Display Device Selection with a preference level.
  • GPU’s Name, Board Manufacturer, Code Name, Technology, Revision, and TDP.
  • Clocks’ GFX Core, Memory, and Shader/SoC.
  • Memory’s Size, Type, Vendor, Bus Width

Bench/ Benchmark section has-

  • CPU Single & Multi Thread Info
  • Benchmark’s Info

And About section has-

  • Windows and DirectX version
  • About CPU-Z
  • CPU-Z’s other tools

CPU-Z is free to use PC tool and comes with no restrictions, limited features, intrusive popups, or any payable things. Hence, the app has no such advanced features, but what would you expect from a utility like this? However, it does have features to save reports in HTML and Text format, like IObit SysInfo. The information shown about your computer can be extracted as a report to make it shareable and accessible to others. It can be helpful when you have potentialities to have issues. Moreover, other tools are added to save BIOS and Video BIOS and validate the legitimacy with Validation, Clocks, Driver Update, and Timers, which can be used for multiple things. Everything is simple to use, but it lacks overclocking capability; if this is what you don’t want, get CPU-Z Download today.

What’s New?

  • Intel Core i3-13100, Core i5-13400, Core i5-13500, Core i5-13600/K/F/KF, Core i7-13700/K/F/KF, and Core i9-13900/K/F/KF.
  • Intel A380 (ACM-G11), A580 (ACM-G10), ARC A750, and ARC A770 Graphics Cards.
  • Primary support for NVIDIA RTX 4000 Graphics Cards.
  • Multipliers support > 64x on AMD Ryzen 7000.

CPUID CPU-Z Technical Setup Details: 

  • Full Software Title: CPUID CPU-Z
  • Software Version: 2.03
  • Full Setup Size: 2 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Software Developers: CPUID.

CPUID CPU-Z System Requirements:

  • Operating System (Windows x86 & x64): XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & 11
  • Memory (RAM): 100 MB or above RAM
  • Hard Disk Space (HDD/SSD): 10 MB of available hard disk space for installation
  • Processor (CPU): Not Available.

CPUID CPU-Z Free Download

Download the most recent version of CPU-Z, and get access to some of your PC system’s important information you must know. CPUZ Download is also available for Android devices, download the app and get your Android’s information gathered into one place.

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