Use Duplichecker’s Image Compressor to Reduce Photo Sizes

If you are running a blog or a website, you would be aware of the benefits of compressing HD or heavy-sized images before uploading them to your website.

Use Duplichecker’s Image Compressor to Reduce Photo Sizes

If you are running a blog or a website, you would be aware of the benefits of compressing HD or heavy-sized images before uploading them to your website. Besides that, you may also need to compress them before sending photos via email or any other file-sharing network, as many platforms don’t allow users to send data over a specific limit. In short, image compression is essential to doing your work.

There are multiple ways to compress images, and every method has some pros and cons. If you have already tried every method, you would have concluded that compressing photos using an online image compressor is the most convenient way to reduce image file sizes. However, there arises a question: How to find the best image compressor? And what qualities should a user look for while selecting a photo compressor? If you have these questions in mind, read the article till the end. Then, you will get your answers.

Let’s talk about the best image compressor that millions have tried!

Image Compressor by DupliChecker

DupliChecker is among the most visited tools-based websites that SEO experts, writers, and even small business owners visit to complete various tasks. It has won an excellent reputation through its great tools. In addition, it offers a range of tools that internet users regularly need. However, this article will only talk about its image compressor.

The photo compressor offered by this website is second to none. It can be accessed by this link: It provides multiple exclusive features that rarely any other tools offer. These are the qualities that you should look for when it comes to choosing an image compressor. Here they are!

No Spammy Ads

Whenever you open an image compressor or any other tool, you will have to close several spammy ads that annoy you and waste your valuable time. People don’t like visiting websites that show these kinds of ads as they know they have nothing exceptional to offer. However, website owners deliberately place those websites to earn an extra sum of money.

To continue providing excellent services to its users, DupliChecker focused on improving the quality and efficiency of the tools. It doesn’t rely on making money using illegal and unethical ads. That’s why you won’t find even a single spammy ad while using its tool.

Doesn’t Disturb the Image Quality

Another issue with some tools-based websites is that they offer low-quality tools. The tools on those websites reduce the image size to users’ desired level, but they also disturb the quality during the process. When you have an option to compress a file without losing its quality, you don’t need to compromise on it. DupliChecker’s photo compressor is among those image compressors that only reduce the file size, not the quality.

Support Multiple File Formats

DupliChecker also allows users to compress images in multiple formats. It doesn’t matter whether your file is in JPG, PNG, or JPEG format; you can easily shorten it without hassle. To compress your photos, you don’t need to convert your images first to a specific format. Just upload the pictures you want to compress, and the tool will do the rest of the work.

Data Security

Usually, before compressing an image, you have to sign-up and create your account first. Some websites can sell your data to advertising agencies or other networks. That’s why many people usually prefer to choose websites that guarantee data security. DupliChecker is one of those websites which always offer data security. It doesn’t ask users to sign-up to use its tools. Moreover, it doesn’t save the users’ images to its servers. So, it is reliable when it comes to data safety.


This image compress is always free-to-use, no matter how many images you want to compress. You don’t need to pay a single penny, even if you have thousands of photos to compress. To maintain the quality and upgrade its services, it rarely shows some Google AdSense ads that you can close within a fraction of a second.

User-Friendly Interface

This website also has a user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface that helps people stay on the web page for a long time and easily compress their images. Even someone who hasn’t used any online tool can shorten the pictures within a few seconds without getting help from any external source.

Don’t Need to Install Any Additional Program

To compress a photo size, you don’t need to download any mobile app, specific browser, software program, or extension, as this tool allows every user to reduce images’ sizes. All you need is an internet connection and a device to access it. You can operate this tool on every device and every web browser without installing a third-party application.

End Words!

There are thousands of image compressors available on the internet. But not every tool is reliable. That’s why you should always be selective when it comes to compressing images.

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