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WinZip Free Download

WinZip! Its name says something, but what the app can perform is beyond our imagination. It holds its place in the world’s leading software, becoming a one-stop solution as a zip utility and complete file management for local and cloud files. File Archiver and File Extractor, encrypt them, manage them proficiently— with features like browsing, deleting, renaming, copying, and moving, making them easy to shareable over the Internet, and many more jobs WinZip Free can solely perform without taking you through significant steps. It ranges features from broad file format compatibility to continuous cloud integration, ensuring everything you would need to work with fast-tracked productivity and complete protection. So, download the free WinZip for Windows trial version so that you can try the app’s features before going for the license. You are only one step back to boosting productivity, keeping information safe, and streamlining file sharing.


Compression and decompression come into play when you need to quickly shrink your files’ size to make them shareable. Since sources online cannot share large-sized files, they limit the sharing size to a specific number. Accordingly, you can utilize WinZip to archive and share a large file. And in terms of zipping and unzipping, WinZip Free does the work perfectly and powerfully. Best of all, this File Compression Software is packed with abundant features, which sets it apart from similar utilities like WinRAR and 7-Zip. WinZip for Windows features a lot and divides them into several editions, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. You can opt for any of them to try free for a limited time and buy. You access the app, start extracting files of any supported formats, compress files to share on email, and archive data together through the files relating to the same group.


Upon entering, this File Extractor welcomes you with a minimalistic and straightforward UI. The main dashboard fills the whole monitor screen, keeping only required buttons, for example, create folders, add files, zip files, share files, and send files. Start storing, opening, archiving, encrypting, and sharing files efficiently. Explore and get the option to integrate several cloud accounts, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, which helps in opening files directly from the cloud and archiving them. WinZip Free shows an archive’s number and in-depth information every time you add a file. You can see the files’ names, how many folders are in there, and their size. Create a ZIP or any other supported file format and then use several encrypting options to protect the file from invaders. WinZip for Windows helps you with an opportunity to store files and share them through send and share services available within the app.


This File Archiver lets you conveniently manage your files on your PC, network, or cloud server; browsing, finding, opening, editing, moving, and sharing heavy files and multiple files have been more straightforward. Most importantly, you can bring and manage all files in one place and even the files shared with you from others through cloud servers. You’ve tools aimed at these to help you organize and manage. Remove and clean unneeded files as well, thanks to the automated cleaning feature that does it for you, requiring you to set the rules through WinZip Background tools. It can restore your storage space, speed up, and protect your files. These tools can also let you set backup schedules automatically to retain file safety and be well-ordered. WinZip for Windows is the solution that enables you to avoid the annoyance of using multiple apps to perform these tasks, meaning all-in-one.


WinZip Free has a better compression ratio and can simultaneous compressions, so time-consuming tasks got a solution. Additionally, this File Archiver lets you perform multiple conversion jobs at the same time, including file to/from PDF conversion, multi-file merging into one PDF, photo reduction or conversion, PDF esigning, or watermark adding. Conversion from word files to PDFs and vice-versa aside, you can also burn files to CDs, DVDs, and even in a group. All you got to do is select the file to change and choose the appropriate conversion options to apply and complete it. When sharing personal data or sensitive information, you might be cautious about its security, not letting it be accessed by anyone illegally. So, WinZip for Windows addresses you with the encryption capabilities— 256-bit AES encryption, password-protecting your files, making read-only PDFs, and using watermarks to prevent copywriting. The person using the generated and set password can access the file.


Not said yet, this File Archiver supports all main formats, including ZIP, ZIPZ, GZIP, 7Z, RAR, TAR, XZ, VHD, and others, which are a click away to open and view, compress, or decompress, and share the files. You get to do that quickly regardless of where you want to share them, cloud services, email, instant messaging, and social media. WinZip integrates well with Windows Explorer, making it seamless to switch between and access advanced file management tools of the app, such as batch file rename, conversion, and file encryption. This File Extractor Drag and drop option makes adding files to your intended archive files easier. You have another opportunity to select recipients from your contacts list to whom you emailed recently, so when you need them, you get them without wasting time searching the address book.


This File Compression Software brings new and enhanced professional applications to your disposal, boosting your productivity and making it more than just what you know about. This File Extractor has WinZip SafeShare (Standard/Pro/Enterprise) brings a modernized sharing experience that lets you share your files with assurance and extra layers of security in an intuitive and simplified environment, containing military-standard encryption and time bomb capabilities. Sharing, compressing, and encryption become easy with this powerful sharing tool. WinZip Duplicate File Finder (Standard/Pro/Enterprise) allows you to find and delete unseen duplicate files directly. You get presets, customizable detection, automation options, and verification notifications for additional security. Enhanced WinZip PDF Express (Pro/Enterprise) lets you read and manage PDF files and other actions to take with PDFs. This File Archiver brings enhanced WinZip Image Manager (Pro/Enterprise) that can organize, secure, and share your images in one place; extra options are also available.


This File Compression Software can go above your expectations but put limits to them using a paywall. WinZip Free divides its features into several versions. You pay for any of the versions that can allow you to access features available with your chosen version. However, you can try the File Extractor app for free within a limited time with limited functionality to check if it meets your requirements. Then you can pay for a Standard, Pro, or Enterprise license, varying in price and purpose of use; check here. Download WinZip for Windows; it does the jobs flawlessly and quickly with high speeds, whether compression, decompression, encryption, sharing, and others what it is intended. You can also download PeaZip


File formats: This File Compression Software supports .zip, .zipx, .gz, .tgz, .taz, .rar, .tar, .7z, .bz2, .bz, .tbz2, .tbz, .lzh, .lha, .cab, .iso, .img, .z, .tz, .uue, .uu, .xxe, .mim, .b64, .hqx, .bhx, maximum other compressed files.


Detailed features available in WinZip

For management-

  • WinZip Image Manager (WinZip Pro & Enterprise)
  • WinZip PDF Express (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Batch Conversion Capabilities (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Files Share to Me folder (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Windows Environmental Strings (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Streamlined Actions Pane (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • New ribbon look and feel with context-aware file management tools (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Multi-file combination into one PDF (Pro & Enterprise)
  • WinZip Security tools (WinZip Enterprise)
  • Access & edit shared files by others (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Background Tools (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • MS Teams integration (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Photo organizing in the Cloud (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Built-in search feature (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Pin & access favorite files in the Files Pane’s Quick Access section (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Shell extension operations (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Built-in cleaning tools (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Create & manage WinZip Jobs (WinZip Pro & Enterprise)
  • Create, configure, manage, routine, and run custom cleaning tools (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Option to view password entry (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • View Date taken & Date Modified (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Rename more than one file simultaneously (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Expand the Preview Pane (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Amazon S3/ AWS support (WinZip Enterprise)
  • Built-in File Management to Manage Files (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Manage your contact list in WinZip (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Add a Network location from another domain (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Review image details by clicking the Image Information button in the Preview Pane, including file size, dimensions, pixels, etc. (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Frequent Folders list (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Create local, network, or cloud folders from WinZip (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • New Wipe feature (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Get back accidentally deleted, renamed, copied, or moved files (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Open files from the cloud in the correct application, and edit a file in the default application or an alternate one (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Map a folder or network location to a drive (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • New Table View (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Favorite Folders (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • The new Properties features (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • WinZip Express with Office 2016 support (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • The Place list (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Built-in WinZip Express for Explorer, Photo & Office, and free download WinZip Express for Outlook (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Move option (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • New Thumbnails option to browse & find files in Zip (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • AES encryption & password protocols for management (WinZip Enterprise)
  • Supports VHD files— NTFS compress files & VMWare files (WinZip Enterprise)

Compression & Sharing

  • WinZip SafeShare (WinZip Pro & Enterprise)
  • WinZip Share Express (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Personal Cloud NAS drive (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Sign PDF files (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Combine PDF features (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Better Direct Access features for faster access to cloud-based zip files (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Expanded cloud services— OpenStack & SwiftStack regions & credential files, Oracle, Alibaba, HP, CenturyLink, Wasabi, Azure, IONOS, WebDAV & OVH cloud service providers (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Automate WinZip Express (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Share using Windows Charms (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Shorten shared links (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Get an URL to My Cloud File (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Simplify workflow while sharing through Slack IM (WinZip Enterprise)
  • Shared Zip file tracking in WinZip or ZipShare (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • File management in WinZip or ZipShare (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Up to 16 account integration & accessing per cloud & IM service (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Add contacts in WinZip’s Combined Address Book to email anyone (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Send What feature (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Flatbed scanners (WinZip Pro & Enterprise)
  • Snap & Share (Pro & Enterprise)
  • IMAP support in WinZip email for Outlook & Gmail (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Two-step verification process with WinZip email (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Share URLs from the cloud through IM, email, social media & the Clipboard (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • File sharing through instant messengers like Google Talk or Google+ Hangouts, Office 365 Groups, Yahoo! Messenger, Twitter & Jabber (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • SmartShare (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Access zip files saved in cloud services like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SugarSync, CloudMe & MediaFire (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Built-in PDF conversion tool (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Custom watermarks (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Most popular email & webmail systems to share, including Gmail, MS Outlook, Hotmail & Yahoo! Mail (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Built-in Self-Extractor Personal Edition for self-extracting archives (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Use Courier zip & encrypt (WinZip Enterprise)
  • Support SharePoint to file share (Pro & Enterprise)

Backup & Automate

  • WinZip Duplicate File Finder (WinZip Pro & Enterprise)
  • WinZip Secure Backup (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Auto clean & organize PC (WinZip Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Auto-save cloud files (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Specify the Job Name Last (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Create new jobs from existing jobs (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Cloud service (Enterprise)
  • Shut down after auto-backup (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Job Wizard (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Job Wizard Super Picker (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Drag & Drop option into the Job Wizard (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Single-click to backup pictures, documents, libraries, email, favorites, desktop, etc. (WinZip Pro & Enterprise)
  • Digital camera photos backup (WinZip Pro & Enterprise)
  • DVD & Blu-ray disc backup (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Use WinZip’s internal FTP client to email backups (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Backup to a cloud account or desktop folder (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Use the ‘WinZip Command Line Support Add-On’ for scripting— free add-on (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)

Encrypt & Decrypt

  • Update a Zip file’s content to match the source (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Drag & Drop ‘Add to Zip’ in Files Pane (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Direct Access technology (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Convert file before Zipping (Pro & Enterprise)
  • Remove personal EXIF data (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Zip file encryption through the Tools ribbon (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Password-protected encryption (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Use conversion & encryption options, with PDF conversion, photo resizing & watermarking (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Use separate conversion options (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Strong, FIPS-197 certifies AES encryption for sensitive data security; 128-bit & 256-bit (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • FIPS 120-2 encryption (WinZip Enterprise)
  • US Department of Defense standard (DoD) (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Encrypt & decrypt confidential files & email attachments (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)

Compress & Decompress

  • More filter options (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • File compression with duplicate file detection (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • A simple Ribbon toggle to switch between Zip & Zipx (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Save files as Zip/Zipx (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Single-click to unzip files (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Open & unzip POSIX TAR files (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Faster start-up performance up to 50% (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Extract & replace a group of Zip files with their content (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Hassle-free Zip file sharing by splitting (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Use the super picket for unzipping to the local or cloud (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Interactive Welcome Screen (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Compress MP3 files by 15-20% on average (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Open ZIP, ZIP 2.0 & CAB methods (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Major archive formats conversion to Zip (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Apply the ‘Best Compression’ method for maximum efficiency (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • JPEG file size reduction by 20-25% without quality compromise (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • BZip2, PPMD, LZMA & improved Deflate methods (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Compress with Zip 2.0 supporting methods (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Double-click to ‘Auto Open’ a zipped MS Office file (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)
  • Advanced ‘Unzip & Try’ functionality (Standard, Pro & Enterprise)

Technical Setup Details: 

  • Full Software Title: WinZip
  • Software Version: 27.0 Build 15240
  • Full Setup Size: 2.8 MB
  • License: Freeware & Trialware
  • Software Developers: WinZip Computing LLC.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System (32-Bit & 64-Bit): Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & 11.
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB for 64-Bit and 1 GB for 32-Bit PCs.
  • Hard Disk Space (HDD/SSD): 235 MB of free hard disk storage space for installation.
  • Processor (CPU): 1 GHz or better CPU.
  • Graphics Card (GPU): DirectX 9 or above containing WDDM 1.0 driver.
  • Monitor (Display Resolution): 800×600 pixels.

WinZip Free Download

Download and get the latest version of this File Compression Software, WinZip for Windows, and use what it has for a limited time. You require .NET Framework version 3.5 for this app as well.

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