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In this digital world, everyone is in touch with the internet & through it, we are being able to learn many new things. And, it is seen that when we learn any new things in the initial stage, we do remember that, but afterward, we also forget those things. As humans tend to forget things. you can free Download ColorNote Notepad Windows App from here.

Due to this, we need to note the necessary things to remember but to list anything some tools are required, such as; pen & paper. So, what are you going to do? If you don’t have those materials with you to note down important information from your computer.

Ahh, wait don’t take a little bit of stress, because, there is already an alternative solution for you, which is known as “ ColorNote Notepad Notes”. And, this app is amazingly free & you can download & install this app’s PC version on your computer, without any hassle.

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However, in this article, I’m going to share all the necessary details of the ColorNote Notepad Pads app only for you. As well, I also do hope you’ll be benefited after reading the following information. So, let’s start at…

The Reasons to Use this App: 

This app proffers a lot of useful features, which will make you choose to use this app regularly. To be precise, a few of the significant features of this app is stated below:

  • Well-Arranged Notes: 

While making notes, users will be able to use various colors to recognize and differentiate their specific text. This app even contains a calendar on which you may make a timetable. Besides, to maintain all the documents orderly, users can color-code them, which can be labeled into a color category. In addition, the users can also count the number of documents in a color category.

  • Applying Sticky Notes:

For having easy accessibility, the users can utilize the widget functionality to add sticky notes on the display screen. Then, a sticky note would constantly be in the visual range, ensuring that users do not overlook it.

  • Making Check-list:

It allows users to make a to-do checklist, which is very handy while users do any tasks. Afterward, users may mark that one out indicating that they completed the activity when users accomplish a task in a checklist.

  • Secured with a Passcode:

If users hold confidential data or prefer to maintain it secret then may set a pin code to safeguard everything so no one else can view it except themselves or with their consent. As well, if the user also forgets their passcode, then they will also not be available to access the secured note. Moreover, the documents preserved on the computers are likewise protected with a strong AES protection, ensuring the notes’ safety.

  • Setting Notifications:

This app also offers a feature that allows users to save a text and then recall it afterward. The users have to simply create an alert for a specified day, and it automatically informs the users by giving notification that the schedule has come.

  • Backup System:

It can upload data to the online server. Hence, assuming the clients lost their protected notes, they shouldn’t be worried about it. Since they got a backup of it on the internet. Moreover, the moved notes will be gotten to protect the security of the data.

Exchanging Notes:

The users can also share their preserved notes with others if they want to. And, they can share it pretty quickly & easily through various apps or online platforms.

Now, let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages of the Color Note App:

Positive Sides:

  • It offers a simplistic & straightforward visual customer experience making it uncomplicated to utilize for every user.
  • Users can set a code with different colors to remark, thus, that it becomes convenient for the users to find if they possess numerous data.
  • It can restore all information to the web, so users don’t need to have a concern if they want to use this app on numerous computers or even if their gadget is damaged or misplaced.


  •  At first, the user will be required to tap the sync option; or else, users would end up losing their data as it will not be uploaded to the cloud unless the sync option is clicked.
  • Despite providing such facilities, it is still not compatible with iOS.

Reasons to Use ColorNote App:

If you’re searching for a reliable approach to make a note or a memo, then the ColorNote application is just perfect for you. Because it offers several handy options.

Not only that, recently, the Google Play Store has acknowledged its excellent functionality and designated it as an Editor’s Choice.

Moreover, its system is very simple to utilize and can be used on the move without the requirement for specific expertise.

The Process to Get this App on Your Computer from Windows Store:

By heading simply to the Windows Store on the computer, anyone can acquire this useful app.  You just need to do the following steps, to install this app:

Initially, you’ll need to open the tab on the browser, then select any search engine, such as; Google. After that, go to any app store, it can be Microsoft or Windows, anyone that you prefer most.

In the next phase, you have to search for the ColorNote Notepad Notes from the store. Thus, it will appear on your tab. Then, click the ‘Get’ option to install this app on your computer.

And, once this app is installed on your PC, you can find it by searching it from the Start button. Then, just simply tap the icon of this app to start this application on your PC.

Ultimate Sayings:

Making notes is an effective approach to preserve key activities to provide data or maintain records. And, it has been eased with the help of the ColorNote App on Computer, especially, when one isn’t in touch with any physical materials to note down any information.

Apart from that, by installing such software makes our lives easier by maintaining our each noted-activities & also by saving our precious time.

So, don’t be late, just hurry up & install this app on your computer, if you want to have a well-maintained life!

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