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Kamo Free Download

Kamo is a brilliant piece of software product represented to use by the developers of the CCleaner (one of the system cleaning and tuning applications). It comes in handy to block anything that comes across your privacy and try to harm it in different ways. In our digital life, every time we access any online resources through the browser, malicious websites and trackers keep prying eyes over us and checking our online activities. They can detect unique aspects related to your web browser and computer, then make a digital fingerprint to display you with intruding and annoying advertisements, which could be dangerous for your PC if accessed. What you do online in your browser could be followed by someone; CCleaner Browser can help you out. You keep cookies behind, and trackers use them to trap you. Manually clearing these can help, but to make sure complete privacy, Download Kamo for your PC.

Kamo Software can avoid online trackers and websites to protect your privacy. Even if you use any ad blocker to block ads otherwise clean stored cookies manually, you are only partially assured that the approach you choose could keep you safe. Doing such things cannot help since you can be tracked through digital fingerprint, on the other hand. Every computer has a unique digital fingerprint, and trackers can use it to detect and follow you. In help, Kamo Download generates new fingerprints for you repeatedly to get rid of trackers. Companies over companies attempt to collect your data, maximum of them could be harmful to you. Kamo makes sure what is missing in the subsequent data breach that doesn’t introduce any problems.

Kamo, the moment you run the app on your PC, it executes a detailed analysis and makes a privacy score that defines whether it is good or bad, whereas also showing appropriate steps for use and improving the score. You can initiate browser protection and anti-tracking, together with setting up regular browser cleaning and improving the complete security of your system. Private Connection of Kamo Download, VPN-powered technology, makes a protected connection between the internet and your computer. It keeps your location out of anyone’s sight and prevents web service providers, hackers, and governments from interrupting and checking web traffic from your PC, ensuring you both better online security and privacy. You can use Kamo Software to multiple installed web browsers on your computer. The app lets you quickly eliminate an extensive range of information that you would manually erase them.

Kamo Download can help you do more, and you can especially eliminate the browser cache, browsing history, address bar history, temporary Internet files, and Adobe Flash or Silverlight cookies. As well delete web cookies and auto-fill data; however, you must bear in mind your saved passwords can be wiped because of this deletion. Schedule for automatic cleaning up of selected data for every compatible browser within Kamo Software, viz. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer. You get to set up a variety of configurations for individual web browsers according to your needs. You can also download Avast AntiTrack

Kamo, other than that, can help you advance privacy protection on your computer. And it is possible by altering something inside the default Windows settings. The app allows you to stop your system and installed applications from gathering and sharing your activity, then again making it impossible for strangers to find and access specific files. More to add, you can secure your accounts using an extra security layer at the time it is about saving passwords on your PC.

Thus Kamo Download helps you prevent online websites and trackers from following you and protect your privacy at the same time. While Kamo can throw them off in a matter of time, then why perform manual cleaning against stubborn cookies? It also displays you the websites that are attempting to get into your private, family, commercial, and medical data to let you prevent them. Hence, download Kamo Software for your Windows PC and hide your digital fingerprint. It comes with a 14-day free trial and can be utilized by newcomers and experienced users alike. Please do note Kamo is targeted at protecting your privacy; therefore, it never collects or shares your personal information with others. Alternatively, try AVG AntiTrack for your PC

Key features:

  • Hides your location & online activity.
  • Avoid online tracking.
  • Avoid online account theft.
  • Shields your browsing history from prying eyes.
  • Exposes trackers and impedes them.
  • Automatic synchronization with every installed browser.
  • Automatically erase the history of all your browser.
  • Doesn’t store your data.

Kamo Technical Setup Details: 

  • Full Software Title: Kamo
  • Software Version: 4.2
  • Full Setup Size: 1.5 MB
  • License: Free Trial
  • Software Developers: Piriform.

Kamo System Requirements:

  • Operating System (Windows x86 & x64): 10 & 11
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space (HDD/SSD): 512 MB free hard disk drive space required
  • Processor (CPU): Not Available

Kamo Free Download

Get the latest version of Kamo from Piriform, enjoy included features for a limited time and then make it accessible anytime upon paying for it; check the price here.

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