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Mozilla Firefox Free Download

Time goes on and on, and still, Mozilla Firefox remains in its place between the two titans, besides Google Chrome. A Free Web Browser expanded its supremacy in the Internet world, becoming a people favorite everywhere. Firefox is always best because of its outstanding performance, staying devoted to its users, and satisfying their needs. It is fast and packed with full of features, including integrated Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, tabbed browsing, bookmarking, streamlined privacy controls, pop-up blocking, a simplified browser window to display everything a page has, and multiple other features to work with and help you get what you came for. Mozilla Firefox knows the never-ending users’ desire and brings continual improvements. It finally releases Firefox Quantum with the latest version, ensuring you get the things you need for a new experience better than before. Download this Internet Browser for your Windows PC, also available for Mac.

History of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla, a non-profitable company based in the US, launched its Web Browser in 2003. They named it initially Phoenix, then Firebird, and ended up on Firefox in 2004. The reasons were several behind the changes to this Browser. But since then, it doesn’t need to look back and become the best Web Browser to opt for any device you have. It continues to be free and open-source, released under the MPL license. It has undergone multiple changes, updates, and modernizations to become the best possible. Download this Free Web Browser, Mozilla Firefox, today.

How to Install Firefox?

After downloading the Internet Browser, you need to open it and select the location to get installed. Set up your Web Browser perfectly and go for syncing your files using the Firefox account. The installation is time-consuming since it takes you through multiple options. It would be best to stay cautious about setting up advanced security measures to place them correctly. Upon completing the installation, its Quantum-based user interface will welcome you. You can navigate directly to the menu tab to tweak every privacy and control setting.

Why Need a Firefox Account to Sign Up?

It is good if you have a Firefox account. However, not having one will get you the basic services but having one can be beneficial for you. A Mozilla Firefox account allows you to get your account saved data on any device, taking saved bookmarks, notes, passwords, extensions, or anything with you. Also, its Pocket tool stores various preference-based webpages in your reading list, which your account conveys. Other than that, having an account allows you to help users with program issues by answering their queries. You can also observe any data break information that ensures better security. Using your Firefox account, watch your favorite content on Fire TV as well.

Is Mozilla Firefox Chromium-based?

No, rather, Firefox Download is based on Quantum. Rarely an Internet Browser like this is not Chromium-based. Every one out of two browsers is based on Chromium out there. But Firefox has a different browser engine, which they actually own, developed with the belief to make the Web Browser look better and run faster than ever before.

What are the Safety Protocols of Mozilla Firefox?

No one wants to compromise their security and privacy. They depend on their Internet Browser with the belief of using a Secure Browser. Regarding Mozilla Firefox, everyone is concerned about whether the Web Browser is safe to download and use. For confirmation, this Free Web Browser is the most secure one available worldwide, certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security in 2019. And it is justified and trusted by everyone who uses it. Firefox Download brings robust security tools and privacy protocols for users to protect them throughout their online sessions from tracker cookies, advertisers, etc. It uses special icons and color symbols to acknowledge whether a website is encrypted or not. 

In addition, Mozilla Firefox has HTTP Strict Transport Security and the Same Origin Policy to advance the safety features. It has a password manager to store and manage your passwords securely in a single place. This Free Web Browser allows you to stop social media trackers, third-party trackers, digital fingerprinters, and crypto-mining scripts from accessing and collecting your data, as well as delete cookies and wipe away all browser history, not to keep any traces that potentially bring risks. Also, update on a regular basis to keep the performance at peak. You can also download CCleaner Browser

What feature Mozilla Firefox offers?

Browse Faster– Powerful browser engine and accelerated usage, loads pages in a matter of time. Fastening the experience more than others while using less memory and additional resources.

Balanced memory– Firefox Download is thirty percent lighter than Google Chrome. It takes up no significant space on your PC but keeps everything smooth and lets other applications run normally.

Smooth browsing– No slowdowns while navigating through 10 to 1000 opened tabs; switch one to another more quickly, thanks to the new responsive engine of Firefox.

Private Browsing– Now, with more power, this mode can detect cookies and block online trackers, and purge your browsing history after browsing.

Ad tracker blocking– Trackers disguise behind ads to follow your habit online, but this Secure Browser can automatically stop more than 2000 ad trackers from doing that.

Fingerprinter Blocking– Digital fingerprinting is a more invasive online tracking type than other trackers. But Firefox has a solution to block them.

Your favorite extension– Extensions can extend the power of doing more right from your Browser. Add handy features and powerful functions to your Firefox Web Browser from the included extension store.

Better bookmarks– Bookmark your most frequently visited website or social media sites to visit them with one click. Use the star icon on the search bar to bookmark, add custom names, and make folders.

Password manager­– Save all your password in one place and access them anytime for free.

Customization– Includes thousands of diverse themes to edit your Web Browser how you want it. It is also possible to create themes on your own.

Pocket– It saves articles, pages, and videos online and views them anytime with any device.

Library– It is where your saved things are available, including bookmarks, downloads, screenshots, Pocket saves, and browsing history; find them anytime in one spot.

Screenshots– Use the Firefox Screenshots feature to take a screenshot, in shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S. Share the screenshots from the tool as well.

Gaming & Virtual Reality– Firefox Download comes with built-in WASM and WebVR support for next-generation gaming, requiring no more installation but playing games.

Translate the web– Visit web pages, translate them to your native language, and support 100+ languages.

Sync between devices– Use your one Firefox account on different devices to seamlessly get all your important stuff synced, including internet searches, bookmarks, extensions, passwords, and others.

What is Firefox Enterprise?

Firefox Enterprise has deployed like the normal Firefox. However, Enterprise differs by being an Internet Browser made specifically for Enterprise needs. Firefox Enterprise adds numerous software solutions designed to fulfill the requirements.

Alternative browsers to Mozilla Firefox

When it is not Mozilla Firefox, you have Google Chrome which beats Firefox differently and matches in speed. Then again, you can go with Microsoft Edge, which is another top competitor out there but could match the level of Firefox and Chrome, requiring more to go as it is new in the industry. People also look around for Opera, one of the most advanced browsers surpassing other competitors with its bulk of features. You can also opt for Brave Browser for better security and privacy.

What’s New?

  • New
    • Now import bookmarks, passwords, and history from Vivaldi, Opera, and Opera GX alongside, Chrome, MS Edge, or Safari when moving to Firefox from these.
    • Enables GPU sandboxing on Windows.
    • On Windows, now block third-party modules from injecting themselves into Firefox, which helps when they produce crashes or other undesirable behavior.
    • Now use Ctrl+Backspace & Ctrl+Delete on Windows to clear date, time, and datetime-locat input fields.
    • Better WebGL performance on Windows.
    • With non-Intel GPUs on Windows 10 or 11 to enable overlay of hardware-decoded video, enhancing video playback performance and video scaling quality.3
  • Changed
    • Eliminates Colorways in Firefox, at least not correspondingly. Still, accessing saved & active Colorways is possible by selecting Add-ons & themes from the Firefox menu. In addition to this, now install Colorways from every former collection by visiting the Colorways by Firefox site on the Mozilla Add-ons website.
  • Fixed– Various security fixes.
  • Firefox Enterprise– Fixes various bugs and implements new policies in the latest version of Firefox. Visit and get in-depth information about Firefox Enterprise here.
  • Web Platform 
    • CSS named pages are now supported by Firefox, which lets web pages perform per-page layout and add page breaks in a declarative manner at the time of printing.
    • CSS size container queries are now also supported by Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox Technical Setup Details: 

  • Full Software Title: Mozilla Firefox
  • Software Version: 110.0
  • Full Setup Size: 342 KB
  • License: Free & Open Source
  • Software Developers: Mozilla Organization.

Mozilla Firefox System Requirements:

  • Operating System (32-Bit & 64-Bit): Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & 11.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB RAM for 32-Bit and 2 GB RAM for 64-Bit recommended.
  • Hard Disk Space (HDD/SSD): Recommended 200 MB of free hard disk storage space for installation.
  • Processor (CPU): Pentium 4 or faster CPU with SSE2 support.

Mozilla Firefox Free Download

Click below download button to get the latest free Firefox Web Browser and access all its features and functionalities. The newest version brings updates, changes, and improvements to ensure continuous usage. There is a portable version of this Free Web Browser, and Windows XP and Vista users can download Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) and use it.

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