Top Programs and Tools to Install on PC for Everyday Use

Buying a new pc is pretty exciting. Different people use different applications and tools; however, a few remain common to make everyday use comfortable. 

Top Programs and Tools to Install on PC for Everyday Use

Having a personal computer is essential if you’re a gamer or into multimedia. A laptop isn’t going to cut if you’re technologically advanced and work with high-quality graphic cards. However, buying a new PC is like having a clean slate. Yes, it would help if you had several programs and tools to make it usable. 

Thus, if you’re thinking of purchasing a new personal computer or have recently bought one, you’re in for a treat. This article today will cover all the essential apps and tools that will help make your day-to-day PC usage comfortable. They include:

An Antivirus Software 

First and foremost, you must have good PC antivirus software. Before you begin, you must ensure your device is safe against phishing attacks, malware, spyware, and viruses. The only way you can do that’s by installing effective antivirus software

It is also essential for cybersecurity to keep your device safe from viruses and malware. It’s will protect you from becoming a victim of online breaches and identity theft. Not to forget, a VPN is also imperative. There are plenty of free VPNs available for PC users, so you must look into getting one, too.

Google Chrome 

An internet browser is necessary; no, personal computers don’t come with built-in internet browsers. Speaking of internet browsers, Google Chrome remains one of the most popular choices among people around the world. It allows quick browsing and provides an incredible range of Chrome extensions. It’s an all-purpose browser that can help you multitask without affecting the internet speed. Also, it has built-in phishing and malware protection, which is another plus. 

Microsoft Edge 

It’s no surprise that Google Chrome gobbles a lot of memory in your computer. It is one of the reasons many people now prefer using Microsoft Edge instead. It is another fantastic internet browser with great speed. Not to mention, it comes with tracking prevention. Many people don’t like Google Chrome as it keeps track of all your data. Well, it isn’t the same for Microsoft Edge. 

Microsoft is one highly reputable company that takes care of your privacy. It is Chromium based and offers three privacy options. The first one is ‘basic,’ which blocks a few ads but allows website web tracking. The second is ‘balanced,’ which blocks all tracking from websites one hasn’t visited, and the third is ‘strict,’ which blocks all kinds of tracking from websites despite the browsing history.


CCleaner is the best tool for cleaning your personal computer. It keeps your laptop secure and makes it work faster by cleaning the junk that otherwise affects its speed. CCleaner is available in both free and paid versions. You can download its simpler version if you don’t want to spend money. 

It will keep your computer’s health in check by updating your old applications automatically, as old apps can make your computer vulnerable to viruses. It also protects your system against crashing by eliminating the clutter. Over and above, it provides safe browsing by removing the cookies and your browser search history.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a client software, and it’s necessary for your new pc. It includes office desktop applications like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a working professional, or a freelancer; Microsoft Office is essential for everyone. 

It has both its free and paid version. You can install the free version if you don’t want to pay for the service or get its premium version if your work revolves around it. Either way, writing articles, making spreadsheets, preparing slides for lectures, and more are essential. Also, if you have Windows 10 installed on your PC, you might have a built-in Microsoft Office. In case you don’t, you can always install it later by yourself. 

VLC Media Player 

Last but not least, please do no forget about the VLC media player, or you won’t be able to play videos and other multimedia messages. Although due to applications like YouTube, most people don’t keep videos and movies on their computers anymore, it’s still mandatory to have a VLC media player. 

Yes, you never know when you need it to watch a video or even something as little as a GIF. Also, many media players are available on the internet; however, none comes close to VLC. It’s the best one so far as it can support all formats of audio and videos. 

In Conclusion: 

Everyone needs to set up their pc differently as everyone will use it differently. However, a few apps and tools remain constant in everybody’s life, including the ones mentioned above. I hope it helps you out, my friends! 

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