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Best Essential 100+ Windows Free Software and Programs: Top 100+ Free Software of 2024 You Should Keep on PC

Top Essential 100+ Windows Freeware Software Reviews & Download

Top 100+ Free Software Download of You Should Keep on Windows PC. Once you come up with a PC for use; your PC needs the best, and powerful software, yet free. Everything your PC needs to be productive. In fact, to get a smoothie computing experience or to work flawlessly your PC needs a complete personal computing system or the best software you need for your own purpose. Your PC need the best utility, the best recovery software, best development software (If you’re a web/app developer), the best backup & restore software, the best backup & synchronize software, the best anti-virus, the best converters, the best browsers, multi-media editing software for your own purpose. On the other hand, each category has its individual best software. Consequently, we’re here for you to figure out the best software for free you should keep. So, let’s go . You can Learn in this Post  Top 10 Freeware Software for Windows PC

Web Browser Browser Software

Web Browser Browser – For the best browser you should go for either Brave or Mozilla Firefox or Chrome or Opera or Vivaldi. Or can try all-new MS Edge.

Top 100+ Free Software Download

Brave Browser

A quicker & efficient browser that comes with a smooth UI, customizable Speed Dial, the Discover features, Opera Turbo mode, visual bookmarks, and more than 1000 extensions for ensuring you a personalized way of browsing. It also ensures you safer, smarter, and more private browsing; since it does not let your privacy reveal anyhow. Read More

Mozilla Firefox

A quick, and completely loaded-feature web browser Mozilla Firefox. This free web browser contains integration with Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. search engine, tab-browsing, pop-up blocking, easy privacy control, a streamlined browser windows that display more of the page than any other web browser available as well as an amount of added features for letting you get the best out of your time online. It is an offline installer, and it is sized 60 approx. Read More

Google Chrome

A quicker, securer and easier web browser Google Chrome has a minimal design using sophisticated technology. It lets you do everything in one box- type anything, and get suggestions for search & Web pages. Easily access your preferred pages using your top sites’ thumbnails right away with an eye-blink speed, and many more. Chrome is based on Chrome OS on Chromebooks therefore basically it is the OS. It is an offline installer too and sized almost similar to the Mozilla Firefox. Read More

Opera Browser LogoOpera Browser

Opera; a quicker & efficient browser that comes with a smooth UI, customizable Speed Dial, the Discover features, Opera Turbo mode, visual bookmarks, and more than 1000 extensions for ensuring you a personalized way of browsing. It also ensures you safer, smarter, and more private browsing; since it does not let your privacy reveal anyhow. Read More


Vivaldi Browser, from the creators of Opera, is fast, functionality-rich, highly flexible. You are able to customize tabs, address bar, keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, and more. It has got Quick Commands for letting you search through open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings, etc. and it is highly customizable as well. There is a built Ad & Tracker Blocker for a securer, faster browsing experience. More built-in features, including Notes, Image Properties, etc. Read More

File Recovery Software

File Recovery  According to recent news DiskDrill Data Recovery, Recuva & EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free software, AnyRecover, MiniTool Power Data Recovery are the best.

DiskDrill Data Recovery

The most reliable free data recovery software DiskDrill Data Recovery lets you restore any sort of deleted or lost files from different devices, including Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, SSD or HDD, SD or CF Card, USB Drive, etc. and can restore any file in hundreds of different kinds of file formats, including videos, audios, images, documents, archives, and others. Read More


An open-source, as well as lightweight data restoration software Recuva for your PC, lets you restore files that were deleted accidentally or lost due to a computer crash. It lets you recover emptied files from recycle bin, digital camera card, or MP3 Player as well. Read More

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Another free and one of the best data recovery solution for solving every data deletion or loss problem. It let you recover deleted or lost files from HDD, external HDD, Memory card, USB drive, digital camera, mobile device, music player, etc. because of accidental deleting, formatting, hard drive damage, software crash, virus attacking, partition loss, and other unidentified reasons. Through three steps and some clicks and get your lost files. Read More


A high-class data recovery tool; lets you restore data delete or lost in any situation. Let you recover unlimited data due to its unique data recovery algorithm. Rescue lost or deleted data on all kinds of storage mediums just select-scan-recover. It overall enables you to recover data that were lost due to computer crashes, virus attacks, system updates, OS reinstallation, or more, as well as can retrieve data from emptied recycle bin, formatted devices, damaged hard drive, lost partition, raw, etc. Read More

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Like the other free data recovery solution, this MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an easy-to-use, professional, and complete file recovery software. Recover any lost or deleted data from HDD, SSD, camera, memory card, stick, USB flash drive, and so on. It gets back to your data that were lost or deleted because of raw partition/disk, virus attack, hard drive failure, OS crash, formatted, partition loss, unexpected power failure, etc. Furthermore, restore audio/video files from iPod, data from CD/DVD disk, Windows Dynamic Disk Volume, etc. Read More

Data Wiper Software

Data Wiper/Deletion DBAN or Eraser or Disk Wipe or MiniTool Partition Wizard or CCleaner select one of them.

DBAN (Draik’s Boot and Nuke)

A free-to-use data wiping software DBAN is a self-contained boot image that wipes the HDD of maximum PCs or servers safely. It is suitable for bulk/ emergency data destruction. It additionally lets you remove viruses or spyware MS Windows installations. Wipe data easily from mobile devices, SSD, File or Folders, and Virtual Machines as well. Read More


A free & advanced security tool Eraser for your PC lets you erase/wipe sensitive data completely from your HDD. You can easily wipe out files, folders, and deleted counterparts beforehand. It can be run on almost every Windows OS. Primarily, its source code is released under the GNU General Public License. Read More

Disk Wipe

A portable free software Disk Wipe for completely volume data destruction. Erase every disk data as well as prevent recovery of those data. Permanently wipes out sensitive data on partitions and disk volumes. It uses a quick format before disk wiping for faster performance. On the other hand, it uses numerous advanced shredding algorithms for wiping data securely. Read More


No.1 cleaning tool for your PC that not only cleans unused files but also keeps your privacy protected. It cleans unused files from your PC letting Windows run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. CCleaner has included a completely featured registry cleaner. Then, you can clean traces of your online activities as well. Get this powerful cleaner for faster computers, safer browsing, and quicker startup. Read More

MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a complete disk partition manager that mixes multiple powerful functions into a tool, e.g. wipe disk or partition or volume, make or resize or extend or format drive partition, rescue data or partition, clone disk, migrate OS to HDD or SSD, convert disk, and so on. Completely wipe every data on PC hard drive, external hard drive, USB, and more. Moreover, manage your PC HDD, SSD, external HD, USB flash drive, SD card, thumb drive, hardware RAID, etc. from all aspects. Read More

Download Manager Software

Download Manager – Maximum PC users even I love to use Free Download Manager, or alongside Ninja download Manager or Eagle Get or Download Accelerate Plus or JDownloader.

Free Download Manager

A powerful, but easy-to-use modern download accelerator as well as an organizer for different platforms. It lets you download multi-media files & others from common websites quickly, safely, and efficiently. It is a hundred percent safe and it is distributed under the General Public License. Moreover, it lets you adjust traffic usage, organize & schedule downloads, download videos from video sites, run the program remotely using the internet, download complete websites using HTML spider, etc. Read More

Ninja Download Manager

A fast, simple, and well-designed download manager download things up to 20 times speedily with many simultaneous connections. Easily do pause or resume, sequential file writing, drag & drop, save for downloading later, multiple downloads simultaneously, schedule downloading, Download Queues, Speed Control, Connection Control, Password Manager, etc. Read More

Eagle Get

A complete download management tool that supports HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, FTP, RTSP, and obviously online video websites. It can be used as an extension into Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc. as it uses multi-threaded technology to boost downloads. Primarily, this is the first software that supports the automatic refresh of expired download links. Furthermore, easily resume broken downloads, download audio & HD video from any website, etc. Read More

Download Accelerate Plus

The most popular & one of the best free download managers that provide the fastest downloading speeds; since it’s got the richest mirroring servers database as well as multi-thread (8-10) acceleration engine. Let you download videos from any video site, plus convert them into MP3 music files. It has included video previewing, stop/resume function, link checker, secure downloading, file conversion, and many connections to speed up download process. Read More


JDownloader: an open-source, of course, free download management software that provides easy & fast downloading speed. It lets you manage & monitor downloads remotely; this is the coolest feature in the download manager. Start, stop, or resume and monitor downloads from anywhere. It has got LinkGrabber to add download links for start downloading instantly after copying and saves a download links list as a password protected encrypted file to import easily. Read More

PC Security or Antivirus Software

PC Security or Antivirus – For the purpose of security matter of your PC, you need the best antivirus, don’t you? You can try whether Kaspersky or AVG Antivirus or Avast or MS Defender Antivirus or Avira.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

An easy-to-use antivirus offers powerful security to your PC. It offers strong security against an extensive variety of malware foes, mainly ransomware & phishing attacks. It lets you add a toolbar to your internet browser, so it shows possibly dangerous links on web pages. Download the antivirus to defend your PC as well as mobile devices (Both Android & iPhone).

AVG Antivirus Free

This antivirus is free for windows OS & macOS and offers end-to-end security against viruses, malware, latest threats, etc. also makes web navigation easy, and trouble-free. AVG Antivirus Free identifies, analysis, and then blocks other nuisances, spyware, ransomware, Trojan Horses, etc. for example. Read More

Avast Free Antivirus

A lightweight antivirus ensures you providing the necessary security your PC needs to be secured from hackers and thieves. It also ensures to provide the best antivirus and anti-malware security possible. Get Home-Network Scanner to scan your network, Browser Cleanup to remove frustrating plug-ins, and SmartScan to scan in merely one click. You can also protect your home network devices, routers & wireless devices for example with this decent and feature-loaded software. Read More

MS Defender Antivirus

Microsoft Defender Antivirus (previously Windows Defender) offers the wide real-time and ongoing protection that your PC needs to be protected from software viruses, threats, malware, and spyware across apps, email, the web, & the cloud, for example. Keep your data & devices secure in real-time using a complete toolset of advanced safeguards. Keep your files secured, backed up, and accessible across devices. Moreover, manage your privacy through the software.

Avira Free Antivirus

One of the best, and award-winning antivirus solutions Avira, provides wide security against every sort of threat, secures data, secures your privacy, and makes sure your computer stays free from viruses. Avira is lightweight, yet powerful that brings real-time malware detection, privacy tools, and safety ratings for your search results. It also blocks all known ransomware, infected & phishing sites, and adware programs & online snoops. Using the program Protection Cloud detection technology get advanced real-time protection; so gear up to get a super speed PC.

Online Back-Up & Synchronization

Online Back-Up & Synchronization – When we think about backup data online or syncing then the names that come in our mind are either Dropbox or MS OneDrive or Google Drive or Wimi or Zoho Docs.


For the easiest technique to store, sync, and share files online you should go for Dropbox; a cloud service. It works usually like any other folder on your PC, yet with some differences. Any files or folders within the software will get synced to the server of Dropbox and any other computer connected to your account. It is totally free to download, and you can use 2 GB of online storage for free as well. Keep your docs, videos photos, etc.

MS OneDrive

Easily store & share media files including images, videos, and especially documents, etc. Once you save/upload files from your PC or mobile device to OneDrive (previously SkyDrive), and can get them on any other PC or mobile device connecting as well as using the same account. You can store, and share files free and get 15 GB to use once you signing up. Primarily, it works with Office, so you can make, edit, and share documents easily in the cloud.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers 15 GB of free Google online space to keep documents, PDFs, photos, recordings, videos, stories, drawings, designs, everything. You may know what Google Drive is; a place where you can make, share, and collaborate files, and even keep them. Back up any file and the files can be reached from any mobile device, tablet, or PC. Yeah, it lets you upload or backup files from any folder on your PC, camera, and SD within the cloud.

Wimi Drive

One of the project management as well as online collaboration software that lets you do file sharing, task management, calendar sharing, instant messaging, video conferencing, and cloud synchronization. According to recent news, this is the easiest & fun to use and obviously free that offers you 10 GB free space for backup files, including docs, PDFs, etc. Efficiently centralize and share your documents online. Moreover, do version management, access rights, and online & offline editing.

Zoho Docs

Indian manufacturer Zoho toolset of business management solution, which is free, and offers 5 GB free space, and 25 people can team up at a time. It comes with a secure and collaborative workspace where everything exists for everyone in real-time. Easily backup everything online, starting from documents to photos, spreadsheets to presentations, music to movies. Its collaboration tools are put up right in by native chat, group sharing, tasks, and notifications. An additional thing, it has got a nice feature letting you email large files straight into your Zoho cloud storage as an attached file.


Conferencing – You can try Zoom or UberConference or Skype or Google Hangouts Meet or Cisco Webex Meetings.


Zoom is one of the most common software for video conferencing available. It offers to do the conference for 40 minutes. It is also a real-time messaging software. It features straightforward usability, compatibility with every modern internet-connected communication device, and wide video collaboration tools.


The video conferencing software for making as well as joining a conference. You can share your screen at the time of streaming any video and keep everyone in your meeting on the same page. Moreover, its built-in AI technology offers a full, searchable transcription of anyone’s meeting.


One of the largest video conferencing software is Skype. One can host group video calls with up to 25 users at the same time. An important thing about the software, it has real-time translation capabilities, so the voice translator supports 10 languages, and the text translator supports more than 60 languages on the other hand.

Google Meet

Google Meet (previously Hangouts Meet) lets you connect, collaborate, and celebrate securely from anywhere; so easily make, or join high-quality video meetings with up to 250 people for 1 hour. You can also invite team members or can send those links to join your conversations with one-click. It lets you present documents slides, and so on at the time of your conference call. More features are international dial-in numbers, meeting recordings, administrative controls, live streaming, etc. So do not worry about your data protection, and privacy; as it has the secure-by-design infrastructure of Google Cloud.

Cisco Webex Meetings

One of the best video conferencing & online meeting tool lets you make HD video or audio meetings face-to-face instantly. Host or join safe meetings anywhere, on any device with no about your data & privacy. Get high-quality video & audio meetings, easy screen share, secure meetings with data & privacy protection, record meetings locally or to cloud storage, calendar integration (Google or MS calendars), and do meetings in PC, mobile, video system, or web.


Email – We know which two are the best. Of course, Gmail or MS Outlook. Even you can try Thunderbird or Mail & Calendar or Spike; if you find them easily.


The over-the-top common choice for both personal and commercial purposes. It comes with a clean interface and works with lots. It is a cloud-based app, allows businesses to send, receive, translate, organize, & schedule emails through lots of user accounts. It has been developed mainly for businesses of all types, which helps with making custom addresses, sending bulk emails, etc.

MS Outlook

If you have an MS account then you can access Microsoft Outlook. It is designed to assist you to get a clear view of email, calendars, as well as contacts. It has got loads of features to ensure you enhanced communication abilities. You will get faster responses in inline replies, flag, delete, and make your messages read/unread using useful commands in the message list, also a fast glance at your schedule, an appointment, or details about someone you are emailing.


Thunderbird is an e-mailing solution developed by Mozilla for ensuring you all an easier, faster, and safer e-mailing using features like intelligent spam filters, a built-in RSS reader, quick search, etc. It has been designed for preventing viruses and junk mails. It features tabbed email, new search tools, smart folders, indexing, Personas of Firefox supports, a simplified setup wizard, and strong junk protections (phishing & spam filters). Thunderbird is developed for all your needs, secure & private e-mailing, highly customization, and more.

Mail for Windows 10

If you’re a Windows 10 OS user then you can go with this free built-into Windows 10 that is a lightweight email tool. It is basically known as Mail & Calendar, where also Windows Calendar is integrated. It lets you send an email, manage your schedule for both personal and business. It also lets you work with other common accounts, such as Office 365, exchange, Gmail, Yahoo!,, etc.


Spike is a multipurpose emailing app that helps you and your group stay in touch. Do whatever, work with your team or clients all from your inbox. Though it is an email client, it seems you chatting with someone and its design seems very much like WhatsApp. Just talk with anyone with a smarter inbox. The software not just lets you send e-mail but also make, edit, collaborate, and share dynamic Notes. You can work connecting with your Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Office/Outlook 365, iCloud, IONOS mail, GoDaddy email, AOL, Exchange, and every IMAP mail account.

Media Converter (Audio/Video/Image)

Media Converter (Audio/Video/Image) – There are multiple free converters for each media file. For converting audio try Freemake Audio Converter, Any Audio Converter, VSDC Free Audio Converter, etc. Convert video Freemake Video Converter, HandBrake, Movavi Video Converter, AVS Video Converter, etc. And try Total Image Converter, XnConvert, File ZigZag, etc.

Freemake Audio Converter

A free, but powerful software designed enables you to convert audio files between every important audio format, alongside prepare music for MP3 players, mobile devices, and Apple gadgets. It supports almost 40 most popular audio formats- including MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, OGG, AIFF, etc. Once the conversion is done, you can listen to nearly any audio file on iPod, Coby, Zune, SanDisc, etc.

VSDC Free Audio Converter

VSDC Free Audio Converter; a free audio converter that is fast, powerful, and rich in features. It assists you to edit as well as convert audio files from one format to another, and it supports every common audio format including MP3, Windows Media Audio, QuickTime Audio, Real Audio, etc. It also assists you to use advanced export presets, save audio from videos, delete audio fragments from files, and download audio files from the internet.

Freemake Video Converter

A freemium video converting software out there lets you convert video free in more than 500 formats and gadgets. It combines video conversion, plus editing within one powerful software. Rip & burn DVDs, make photo slideshow, and also convert online videos to different common formats for downloading.


An open-source software HandBrake for video file conversion, it lets you convert video from approximately any format to a modern choice and extensively supported codecs. It also lets you prepare videos for playing on an extensive range of devices, like Android devices/ tablets, iDevice, Apple TVs, etc. In addition, you can use a lot of great video filters, and set the video codec, audio codec, quality & framerate, mixdown, bitrate, and sample frequency rate.

Movavi Video Editor Business Logo Screenshot Box pngMovavi Video Converter

This free video conversion tool ensures you lightning-fast conversion in any popular format, and in any platform or device. Media files convert into more than 180 formats, including HD. Also, compress videos with no quality loss while working from your home or office. Movavi Video Converter features simple editing options, like rotate, crop & merge. It also can empower you to convert audio & image files; since it does not only video conversion but also audio conversion, video-to-audio conversion, and image conversion, so many features in a single app.

AVS Video Converter

One more free video conversion software for you that lets you convert to/from every important video format easily and quickly from different devices. It allows you to manage HD-Camera videos and provides you presets to easily convert. Also, convert a huge quantity of files at a time in command line & batch mode. And your converted project can be shared through the internet on the web.

Total Image Converter

A unique image converter free for your PC, allows one to convert nearly every common image format, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD, GIF, etc., and RAW format, including CR2, CRW, NEF, etc. One can add watermarks, with logos, dates, or comments. Total Image Converter can convert to your specifications, big quantities of images all together in bulk also to modify size, color resolution, crops, flips, & reflects the image.


A powerful and free multi-platform imager conversion tool that lets you combine above 80 actions, and has got 500 formats compatibility. It uses the XnViewMP’s batch processing module. It is Multi-platform (windows OS, macOS & Linux) & Multilingual (20+ various translations). In an easy-to-use UI use drag & drop functionality. Work with 500+ formats as well as export to 70 various file formats easily.

File ZigZag

Another free, yet faster & easier than any other file converter available online. It’s a decent free online file converting solution. It is also very simple-to-use, faster, and supports loads of file formats especially image formats. Image, alongside document, audio, video, archive, eBook formats are available. It lets you convert many files simultaneously and up to 150 MB sized files can be converted.


Adblocker – Aiming at ad blocking for safe and fast web browsing you can choose the best of the Adblocker AdBlock Plus or Adblock or Ghostery. There are other ad blockers out there, like Poper Blocker, uBlock Origin, etc.

AdBlock Plus

One of the commonest ad blockers AdBlock Plus, which also can be used as an extension for well-known browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Opera & Safari. This open-source software comes with a fast setup, and loading preset filter lists for letting you block maximum ads quickly, alongside the option filter malware & social media buttons, in order that you can experience faster & cleaner web browsing.


This adblocker aims to offer us better, safer, and quicker browsing by blocking annoying ads. It is another extension for Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge & Safari (without Opera). It does not allow advertisers to track you or steal your information at anyhow. It automatically blocks ads content coming from known ad servers & providers using a series of filter lists. Download the adblocker and browse with no tension.


Like other ad blocking extensions, this Ghostery can be used. It is an advanced security and productivity software that lets users protect their PC from ads, so you can only focus on browsing with no trouble. It offers privacy protection features too. Ghostery lets you see trackers who are trying to collect your information.

uBlock Origin

One of the fastest, most powerful ad blockers for blocking ads, pop-ups, and trackers that assuring you faster web surfing. This free and open-source ideal adblocker blocks unwanted ads, annoying video ads, and intrusive trackers. It is an extension for popular web browsers, like Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari. It also works as a pop-up blocker and assists protect against a few forms of malware for improving your whole online security.

File Manager

File Manager- You can use Q-Dir or Free Commander or WinDirStat or Explorer++ file manager free for your PC.


Q-Dir (The Quad Directory Explorer) allows you to manage files & folders of your PC. It should be a great alternative choice for you from MS File Explorer. Easy & quick access to HDD, so advanced file management for network folders, floppy disks, USB sticks, and others. Manage file in 4-window with tabs. The features this software has included, color filters for files & folders, folder size with more information, classic & modern address bar, directory structure with visible free branches, print what you see in Explorer Views, save as favorites, drag & drop option, mark selected files & folders, better quad explorer file preview, and so on.

Free Commander

An easy-to-use alternative to the regular windows file explorer; Free Commander. Get your regular works done in Windows and every necessary function for managing your data stock. Take the tool anywhere using CD/USB Stick, and even work on any foreign computer with. It included, dual-panel technology, tabbed interface, optional tree view, plain view, whole access to the desktop, built-in file viewer, built-in archive handling, nested archive handling, plug-ins for other archives, linked browsing, Copy/Move/Delete/Rename files & folders, drag & drop, file searching, searching duplicates, MDF & SHA checksums creation & verification, wipe files, multi-rename tool, File properties & Context menu, folder size calculation, folder comparison & synchronization, folder/program favorites, file filters, user-defined columns, automatic view, simple FTP/SFTP client, DOS command line, Quick viewer/search/filter/starter, colors schemes, and more.


Windows Directory Statistic, in short WinDirStat, is a disk usage statistic viewer as well as a cleanup tool for your PC. Identify files that took the maximum space, and delete them directly. On startup, it reads the complete directory tree one time and after that presents it in 3 handy views, the directory list for resembling the Windows Explorer’s tree view, the treemap in order to show the whole contents of the directory tree instantaneously, & the list of extension servers as a legend to show statistic of the file kinds.


Explorer++! A lightweight; yet fast file manager for your PC. A free multi-tab clone of Windows Explorer, which features numerous enhancements and additions that make this file manager handier. It also enables you to use tabbed browsing for multiple folders management, a few handy shortcuts for easy file transfer operation, split & merge files, and more new features. Be much more productive using tabs, bookmarks, and advanced file operations.

File Compression

File Compression – If you looking for a file compressing tool for free then try 7-Zip or Zip Archiver.


A file archiver with a high compression ratio. Easily send large amounts of information or open compressed files you receive with no worry. Maximum source code is released under the GNU LGPL license, and the unRAR code is under a combined license: GNU LGPL with unRAR restrictions. The software is completely open-source and can be used on any PC, even on a computer of a commercial organization.

Zip Archiver

The fastest and most handy archiver lets you compress & open ZIP, RAR, 7Z, and TAR files for free. Using popular cloud technologies make copies of essential files conveniently, send vacation photos to someone quickly, or share projects with mates within 2 clicks only. It supports common archive formats.

File Copying

File Copying – You can select FastCopy or Copy Handler or Ultra Copier for a super-speed file transfer process free. You can also go with FF Copy, Kill Copy, and so on.


A simple, but super speed file copier. FastCopy has an amount of buffer option to tweak the performance moreover, including basic or advanced file filters, an NSA method wipe & delete option, verify & copy, sync, differential or overwrite copy modes. Add context menu & wide command-line options. And it selects settings automatically to copy.

Copy Handler

A lightweight software designed for copying or moving any file or folder from one place to another. Its transfer process is super speedier than regular MS Windows copying. It empowers you with complete control of the copying or moving process by pausing, resuming, canceling & restarting. It has more than 60 configuration options and is multilingual, as well as Queue transferring support.

Ultra Copier ( SuperCopier )

Another free file copy tool, Ultra Copier quickly copy files anywhere on PC. It lets users pause, and resume whenever they want, so experiences a trouble-free copying process. Moreover, it comes with error management features for managing problems or corrupted files to a few extents. Yeah, it supports queue transferring as well.

FF Copy

Only with some click get your multiple files & directories copied or moved from one place to another in a faster way. Stop, resume transfer whatever you want to do with the software, even view details of the transferring file. It is able to transfer many files or folders simultaneously. It has included faster transfer speed using non-parallel transfers, force parallel, stop or resume functions, pre-allocation of disk space, shows status, size, percent progress, speed, and more.

Kill Copy

This is another lightweight file copying program, which alongside the copying or moving process, offers some additional features to improve the complete process. It is able to copy loads of files at a time. It has got a user-friendly UI and a Built-in explorer shell in order that you can use the app easily. It also features speed limit & best maximum speed setting, auto-resume capability, history log transfer, space reservation for files, and more.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing – What you will choose one of them AnyDesk or Chrome Remote Desktop or Screenleap or TeamViewer or USE Together? Figure it out before choosing.


The fastest screen sharing & remote desktop existing on the market. This cross-platform software allows you to share both desktop & mobile screens. It lets you do remote printing, file transfer, end-to-end encryption, clipboard content syncing, personalized user names, session screen recording, chat messenger tools, mobile to desktop connections. Alongside, AnyDesk supports keyboard shortcuts in desktop sharing, and updates automatically, as well as do auto-discovery of users on a similar network.

Chrome Remote Desktop

A free easy-to-use screen sharing & remote control software that is actually an extension of Google Chrome. If you want to use this you (both the host & viewers) need to have Google Chrome on your PC. It allows for unattended access, clipboard syncing, and audio sharing.


A lightweight and free screen share & remote control solution for PC that allows users to share the screen of their desktop with anyone they want. Keep in mind, this software mainly built for screen sharing, but not for full team collaboration. Up to 8 users can meet at a time for up to 40 minutes a day.


An easy & fast to use software for desktop sharing, remote control, and file transfer that works behind any firewall & NAT proxy. It helps you monitor, analyze, and enhance uptime of your website, page load speeds, and essential transactions using Web Monitoring, and control remotely any PC anywhere on the internet, plus copy files & folders from & to a remote partner.

USE Together

Another free remote control, desktop sharing, team collaboration solution. It lets you share screen, share control on-screen, use voice chat, record your session, etc. Letting you experience quick screen sharing, even on low bandwidth connections with high-resolutions. So invite people to share the screen with using the built-in contact list or can send them a direct link.

Screen Recorder or Screenshot

Screen Recorder or Screenshot – The best free screen recorder you can choose whether OBS Studio or Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder or Screencast-O-Matic Screen Recorder or FlashBack Express or ShareX. And for screenshots you can use Windows Snipping Tool; if your computer having this no need for any other one. Even you can try Greenshot, etc.

OBS Studio LogoOBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio), which is an open-source screen video recorder & live streamer. It features high-performance real-time video or even audio recording & mixing, set up an unlimited quantity of scenes for switching between through custom transitions, intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters seamlessly, like noise gate & suppression, and gain, powerful & easy-to-use configuration options, Streamlined Settings panel, Modular Dock UI, hotkeys setting, Studio Mode, Multi-view option, and so on.

Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder LogoApowersoft Online Screen Recorder

Click on Start Recording – Customize mode & region of the recording – Save to local disk or share in Youtube, RecCloud, etc. simple as that. It is a web-based smart screen video recorder, just open it on your web and start. It allows recording every sort of activity on your screen, for instance, video stream, live chat, self-demonstration, tutorials, and others. Recordings can be exported in output formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. It can also capture audio at the same time and enables you to add a webcam within the screen recording too. More about the app, you can also edit as well as make annotations while recording.

Screencast-O-Matic Screen Recorder LogoScreencast-O-Matic Screen Recorder

The screen recorder allows you to record any portion of your screen using the option to add audio using your microphone, and video from your webcam. Overall, it lets you add & size your webcam for picture-in-picture effect, add stock audios & captions into your recording, trim the start & end for removing excessive parts, saves, and then shares to Screen-O-Matic or YouTube, and more.

flashback express logoFlashBack Express

An easy-to-use screen recording tool for capturing screen to make short clips or video tutorials using advanced features. Record wherever on the screen of your PC, add webcam footage into it, and add audio or voice commentary through recording as well, alongside trim footage and make short clips. No watermarks on your recorded movie, also no limits on movie length. Improve recordings using captions, images, arrows, etc. moreover, do video customization using FX, sounds, stickers, and GIFs. Record & editing done, download it or share to YouTube directly from the software.

ShareX LogoShareX

ShareX; An advanced screen recorder, screenshot capture, file sharing, and productivity tool. This is open-source, light in weight, ads-free, and completely free. It has different techniques of capturing screenshots, like full screen, window, monitor, region, scrolling, freehand, etc. Do customization, like adding effects, annotating, watermarking, printing, uploading, etc. It supports more than 50 destinations to choose to upload. It also includes various features, e.g. an image editor, a screen color picker, a DNS changer, a ruler, a directory indexer, a QR code generator, etc.

windows snipping tool logo iconWindows Snipping Tool

Use this built-in windows tool to capture screenshots. Capture any kinds of snips, a Free-form snip or a Rectangular snip or a Window snip, or a Full-screen snip. Capture, Edit, Save, Share, or Print; easier than you think.

greenshot logoGreenshot

It is the most amazing tool to make screenshots. This lightweight software lets you capturing screenshots quickly of a selected region, window, or full-screen, or even capturing full web pages from IE. Then annotate, highlight or obfuscate the screenshot’s parts and export in different ways, save to file, copy to clipboard, send to the printer, attach to e-mail, send Office programs or share to any photo site, for instance, Picasa or Flickr, etc.

Software Updater – Whether you can choose Patch My PC Home Updater or IObit Software Updater for free software updating.

Patch My PC LogoPatch My PC Home Updater

An easy-to-use software updater that has the capability to keep more than 300 software updates on your PC. Its easy technique lets you keep software updated or installed on your PC. After staring up the software, the software scans the system and finds out the outdated, updated, and not-installed software. Red-colored software means outdated, green-colored software means updated, and black-colored software means not-installed.

IObit Software Updater LogoIObit Software Updater

Update all your outdated software in just one click as well as install all software you need easily using this freeware tool. Make a scheduled time for an update, and after updating the software automatically shut down or reboot your PC. It also offers a wide software database for featured must-have software in a variety of categories, like Browsers, Social, Security, Multimedia, Utilities & Tools, and Runtimes. Easily install every chosen software in one click with no worry about intrusive ads, bundleware, and malware.

PDF Reader/ Converter/ Editor – The utilities you can use for PDF free are, Foxit Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Javelin PDF Reader, Wondershare PDFelement, Nuance Power PDF Converter, Smallpdf, PDFescape, you can also use your Google Drive as well as your Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.); as they have PDF utilities integrated.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Logo ICon

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, a free PDF reader manufactured by Adobe, which links to the Adobe Document Cloud, and other cloud storage systems including Box, Dropbox, and MS OneDrive, and lets you open, view, edit, annotate, sign, comment on, and share PDFs from wherever, and on any device in no time. For any busy professional who wants to annotate PDFs, the PDF reader will help them out the most. Download the tool, register, get 2 GB free file storage, instant access to any recent file, sync filling & signing tool, real-time sending & tracking files, and more.

Foxit PDF Reader Logo PngFoxit Reader

The manufacturer claims Foxit Reader is the most powerful PDF reader of the industry available. It is lightweight, fast, and rich in features, integrated with popular Cloud Storage & ECMs. Make, share, collaborate & secure your PDFs. Also edit, comment on, and notify readers about new up-to-dates to your PDFs. Loads of security that provide the PDF reader to protect your PDFs including passwords, encryption, and digital signatures. More, better your productivity by reading, printing, annotating, collaborating, sharing, signing, protecting, deploying, customizing, and more to your PDFs.

Javelin PDF Reader logoJavelin PDF Reader

For viewing or reading standard PDF files & encrypted PDF files, the PDF tool offers every essential functionality required. It is a simple PDF reader, letting you launch & print standard & encrypted PDFs, even annotate & bookmark them. Though the software is lightweight, therefore you cannot get any added features, for example, editing, etc. The PDF reader yet fast with an easy & clean UI. Seeking a PDF reader for fast reading & taking notes, then Javelin is one of the best.

pdfelement logoWondershare PDFelement

A PDF tool for providing you all your PDF needs. Convert PDF to/from nearly any common file format, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, images, HTML, etc. PDF documents are easy & fast to edit. Edit text, images & pages. With a full set of commenting tools comment, review & markup PDFs. Also, edit scanned PDF documents easily using the OCR feature. In addition, PDFelement allows you to add bookmarks, e-signatures, watermarks, hyperlinks, headers, footers, password & permission protection, and bates numbering to protect and organize your PDF documents.

smallpdf logo iconSmallpdf

A complete easy-to-use online PDF tool, Smallpdf. It not just convert PDFs to or from popular formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG, etc.), also let you reduce your PDF’s size, view, print, & share PDFs online, edit (add text, images, shapes, & annotations) PDFs, insert pages, delete one or multiple pages, rotate, merge (multiple PDFs combining), split (multiple PDFs extracting), eSign, add or remove password, encryption & permission from PDF documents, and more. Just drag the PDF file you want to work with and drop it directly to your browser window, easy.

PDFescape LogoPDFescape

Easy to use and available for everyone with a web browser, PDFescape, is an outstanding option to edit PDF online for free. It offers all your needs to edit or annotate PDF documents. It lets you edit & annotate PDF documents, fill out or make PDF forms, insert text & web links, highlight text, add sticky notes, redact/strikeout text, crop & rotate images, insert or remove pages, keep secure & safe PDF files with password & encryption, and share online, and even view PDF files. Edit up to 10 MB sized documents or up to 100 page PDF files at the same time for free.

Audio Editing – For basic free audio editing, if you want to keep it on your PC. You can go for whether Audacity or Ocenaudio or Wavepad or Audiotool or TwistedWave.


Audacity is an easy-to-use, open-source, cross-platform, free multi-track audio editor & recorder for Windows, macOS, GNU or Linux, and other platforms. This feature-loaded software offers recording features to record through a microphone/mixer, or digitize recordings, simple editing features including copy, cut, paste, delete, and unlimited sequential undo & redo, LADSPA, VST, LV2, Nyquist (only for plug-ins), and Audio Unit effects & plug-ins, 16-bit, 24-bit,32-bit support, tracks & selections manipulation, Spectrogram view mode for visualizing & selecting frequency, and more. Just import your audio file, edit or combine, and then export directly in many various file formats, and even export multiple files at the same time.


Ocenaudio; a powerful, still easy & quick audio editor available for all main operating systems. This is the next software where you will find everything that Audacity offers, and can be used easier than Audacity. It features real-time effects pre-viewing, EQ, gain, and filtering for example, which is an essential part when it is about audio editing, VST plug-ins support, multi-selection for listening, edit, and even use an effect at a time, playback parameters adjustment directly, and even able to edit large files efficiently.


A digital audio workstation, a little older, yet extremely useful. It is a complete-featured audio & music editor that offers editing tools including copy, cut, paste, delete, insert, silence, auto-trim, compression, pitch-shifting, and more, audio & music effects including amplify, normalize, equalize, envelop, reverb, echo, reverse, and more, DirectX & Virtual Studio Technology plug-ins, all popular audio & music format support, batch processing, scrub, search, bookmark audio, advanced tools with speech synthesis (text to speech), spectral analysis (FFT & TFFT), & voice changer, audio restoration features (noise reduction & click pop removal), sample rates from 6-192 kHz, stereo or mono, 8 bits, 16 bits, 24 bits or 32 bits, audio-to-video editing, MixPad Multitrack Audio Mixer integration, audio to video exportation using waveform, FFT or image visualization, and sound effect library with multiple various sound effects & royalty music clips for free.

Audiotool Logo PngAudiotool

A powerful web-based music production studio, Audiotool lets you make and publish music tracks. Work with more than 250,000 samples, and more than 50,000 device presets, after starting up. The tools/instruments offered in this software are Heisenberg, Pulverisateur, Machinist, Beatbox 8 & 9, Baseline, Mixing & Routing, Master Output, Centroid, Audiotrack, Splitter or Merger, Crossfader, Minimixer, Effects, Rasselbock, Graphical EQ, Autofilter, Exciter, Stomp Boxes, and Stereo Enhancer.

TwistedWave logoTwistedWave

Another fast, easy-to-use, powerful online web software for audio editing, which supports in Web, Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Easily normalize your audio & also apply effects. Easily record, use equalization, compression, limiting, and multiple Audio Unit or VST plug-ins, convert/ read & write in loads of various formats, and also edit files simultaneously. On the web version, all the audio is stored & processed, so no downloads are needed just work and save the audio file.

Chat/Messaging – Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal; these are some of the free messengers out there. Also can try Skype! The conferencing software I reviewed above is one of them; can be used for text messaging as well.


This is a multi-platform text & voice, and even video chat app designed for us, especially for gamers. A complete text and voice chat software that is free, and secure. Its servers are organized within topic-based channels where one can talk, share, and collaborate on anything. It features strong chat support and a built-in streamer mode where you can stream or can watch others stream. Furthermore, do screen share for whatever project.


Slack! Simply the best software, which is more than just a messaging app. It is a better way to communicate with people through messages, calls, and even lets you do share files & connect with other apps. Do text & voice chat and make video calls with anyone with friends, with your teammates, any client, or any company, besides sharing all your files, images, docs, PDFs, or spreadsheets with them. Another thing, the software integrates with more than 2200 services, including Google Drive, & Office 365. You will find channels to make, direct messages to chat with anyone, and more.

WhatsApp logoWhatsApp

Any smartphone user definitely hears the name WhatsApp that has been designed for easy & reliable messaging. Message anyone for free. Or can make or join any family or coworker or friendly group to stay in touch with. Up to 200,000 members can be added to a group, sounds crazy, right? But certainly. Do messages, alongside share any media files, documents, etc. with up to 256 people at a time. Change group name, customize notifications, mute group, and so on. Also, do voice chat or make audio/video calls and talk with anyone freely. Whatever you do in WhatsApp is absolutely safe due to end-to-end encryption. Send docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, slideshows, etc. with no trouble, but make sure the file you going to send is within 100 MB.

Telegram logoTelegram

Telegram! Simple, Private, Fast & Powerful. Also, open-source messaging software that only focuses on speed and protection. Use this program on every device you have simultaneously using the same number; as your messages are synced seamlessly with your number. It delivers messages faster than any other application, and your messages are private & secure from hacker attacks every time; since Telegram messages ate heavily encrypted. Use this new generation messaging app and customize it that suits your needs.

Signal logoSignal

Signal is a simple, secure, and powerful messenger. Share free messages, voice messages, images, videos, GIFs, and files in no time. Make apparent audio or video calls to anyone. Create a group or join others to keep in touch with people together, it could be a family group, or friends or coworkers group. It no lets you feel insecure about your messages; as it has advanced end-to-end encryption to keep tour conversations safe.

Media Player – Maximum PC users prefer the VLC Media player, and it is the best. You can choose VLC or for alternatives, there are GOM Player, PotPlayer, KMPlayer, 5KPlayer, etc.

VLC LogoVLC Media Player

Previously known as VideoLAN Client, VLC Media Player: An open-source multi-platform multimedia player & framework that lets you play most multimedia files, as well as different streaming protocols. This simple, yet fast and powerful software enables you to play everything and can play maximum codecs without codec packs needed, do customization easily. Another thing, the player can be used as a server for unicast/multicast streams in IPv4/IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.

GOM Player Logo

GOM Player

Another best free multimedia player that comes with popular audio & video codecs built-in. It supports different file formats, like M4A, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc. It lets you find codecs, play damaged files, or a downloaded file in Windows. It also lets you play locked or partially downloaded files. It included HTTP streaming, editable skins, overlay mixer, drag & drop, subtitling, better filter rendering, key remapping, real-time index rebuilding for AVI files, and Unicode support.

PotPlayer logoPotPlayer

It’s quite an amazing free multimedia player that has got various video codecs. It supports Webcams, Digital TV devices, DXVA, Analogs, live broadcasts, etc. It also supports different subtitle formats, alongside supports different sorts of 3D glasses. Additionally, it has got better H/W- Acceleration, and more advanced features, including snapshots, Direct3D9 Ex Flip Mode, Overlay, and more.

KMPlayer logo iconKMPlayer

One more multi-media player, that is well-known for its versatility. It supports different kinds of file formats as well as internal & external codecs. It is able to play high-resolution videos like UHD, 4K, 8K, & 60FPS. It has been prepared with a high-quality Video Renderer. It can also play incomplete or damaged AVI files, compressed audio albums (ZIP/RAR), locked media files, etc. It supports subtitles and empowers you to capture audio, video & screenshot in lots of ways.

5kPlayer Logo5KPlayer

A combination of the free UHD video player, music player, AirPlay, and DLNA that enables one free stream media from Apple devices & watches to Windows & macOS PC as well as online video downloading up to 8K from more than 300 online audio & video sites. It can play high-resolution videos including 1080p, 4K, and even can play 360° video, DVD & IPTV, music, like MP3, AAC, APE, FLAC, and stream audio & video wirelessly using AirPlay & DLNA.

Uninstaller or Installer – Unwanted or unnecessary software that you want to uninstall. Then you should pick one of these 5 free, but the best uninstaller available. IObit Uninstaller Free or Geek Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller Free or Wise Program Uninstaller or Advanced Uninstaller Pro. And for free software installing use Actual Installer or Inno Setup.

iobit uninstaller logoIObit Uninstaller Free

IObit Uninstaller has got updated uninstall technology for uninstalling any unnecessary software or any bundled software in just one click. Even uninstall 5x stubborn software as well as 30% more residuals using the enlarged database, and it can be done faster than before. So get ready for a cleaner and space-free PC. IObit can remove browser plugins or toolbar to protect your privacy, so no worry about browsing data steal and slow down. It can also clean up the leftovers, like files, folders, or registries, and even notify you about updates available for all software.

Geek Uninstaller LogoGeek Uninstaller

A basic uninstaller, even powerful and incredibly fast. It scans deeply and quickly, then enables you to remove programs as well as leftovers from your PC and keep it clean and light. It also removes stubborn and broken programs using Force Removal. Even uninstall Windows Store apps on Windows 8. 8.1 & 10.

Revo Uninstaller LogoRevo Uninstaller Free

Revo Uninstaller allows you to uninstall software and getting rid of unwanted software in an easy way. It allows also you to clean many files, folders, or registries that are left on your system even after a program is uninstalled. Like others, it also removes stubborn programs, and even temporary files, leftovers completely. It features a Hunter Mode to uninstall or manage more flexibly. It has 8 extra cleaning tools, they are- Autorun Manager, Junk Files Cleaner, Windows Tools, Browsers Cleaner, MS Office Cleaner, Windows Cleaner, Evidence Remover, Unrecoverable Delete.

wise-uninstaller free logo iconWise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller; for securely and fully program removing. Uninstall the software and its leftovers (files, folders & registry entries) as well. Also, uninstall any stubborn software or any software with a broken uninstaller using the Forced Uninstall. Just find the software, or process a scan for its leftovers, and delete it straight off. Keep in mind, you can easily uninstall the software without opening the software; if you add the Wise Program Uninstaller option into the context menu in settings, then just click on its icon and uninstall, extremely easy as it is.

advance uninstaller free logo iconAdvanced Uninstaller Pro

Another perfect solution for uninstalling software, accelerating your PC, and protecting your privacy, removing a lot of annoying plugins, toolbars, or browser hijackers. It can do uninstall any software, monitor installations, remove duplicate files, delete any file permanently, or browsing history & document opening history deletion.

Actual InstallerActual Installer

A powerful, but still easy-to-use software installer solution for your PC. Actual Installer lets you do reliable software installation, ready for distribution with effortlessness. It further features loads of advanced tools along with the basic features of software installation, for example- multi-lingual installations, customizable dialogs, registry modification, software pre-requisites, system specification checking for their compliance with the software requirements, file associations, screensavers, fonts registration, executing custom commands, ActiveX components, and so on.

Notes – A PC with no note-taking software! It’s impossible to think. Well, you can use the free, but the best note-taking app for your PC. Try either Evernote or MS OneNote or Google Keep.

Evernote LogoEvernote

One of the most powerful options for note-taking, letting you handle notes in nearly any format you need. Write text notes, add PDF files, images, audio clips, scanned hand-written pages, email, slack conversations, websites or hyperlinks, and more. Sort & organize your notes easily. There you will get a New Note to start making a new note type anything or add any of the supported note types, Tags for searching tags you used before in your notes, Notebooks or Move to for dragging & dropping notes from wherever. Evernote has more advanced functionality, use it & experience the functionalities.

MS OneNote LogoMS OneNote

A free and feature-loaded note-taking app, a product by Microsoft. MS OneNote is very much more freedom that’s divided into sections with subsections named Pages, and pages are freedom and you can add any sort of note and anywhere you want. Add an image by dragging & dropping, or a few text notes by clicking on a note. Easily organize notebooks, sections, and pages, add Important or To-Do tags, draw anything or annotate your notes with your dinger or a stylus, add recorder or normal audios, online videos, & files, save clicking once due to the OneNote Web Clipper, and finally share notes with the world. Remember, it offers up to 5 GB of free storage for notes.

Google Keep LogoGoogle Keep

This is a great option to take notes for Google power users. A bit kinky, yet fine notes app for PC users, and even a useful Chrome extension for saving fast notes & links. It also has a different & a step further OCR that lets you extract text from an image and paste it as exact text in a different place. It has integration with Reminders as well. Once your note is completed, share, and collaborate directly. Yeah, it works fine with other Google software. And obviously, it has Web Clipper, basic, yet really useful. Note that, Keep offers 15 GB of free storage across every Google software.

Video Editing- Just like the audio editors, in case you want to edit video for fun then choose one of these, Lightworks or Shotcut or Openshot or Blender or HitFilm Express.

Lightworks LogoLightworks

A great free video editing software for multiple platforms, enabling you to edit videos with a lot of handy features and with an extensive range of supported video formats as well. This very powerful video editing software provides multiple advanced features including easy timeline editing & trimming, real-time readymade audio & video FX, amazing royalty-free audio & video content, lo-res proxy workflows for 4K, extensive file format support with variable frame rate media, sequence grading professional with up to 32 bit GPU precision & histogram tool, video export in SD or HD or up to 4K & export for sharing in YouTube or Vimeo.

Blender logoBlender

This is the free & open-source 3D creation toolset, which supports video editing & 2D animation pipeline and the 3D pipeline’s entirety, such as rendering, modeling, animation, rigging, simulation, compositing, and motion tracking. Use Cycles Render Engine built-in of Blender, offering eye-catching ultra-realistic rendering, wide collection of modeling tools for making, transforming, and editing, VFX, and more. The video editor additionally features live preview, Chroma Vectorscope, Luma Waveform, histogram display, audio mixing, syncing, scrubbing, waveform visualization, capable of 32 slots to insert video, image, audio & effects, speed control, adjustment layers, transitions, keyframes, filters, and so on.

shotcut logoShotcut

One of the best free video editors available for you, Shotcut! An open-source, cross-platform video editor. A wide variety of video formats & boasts a great array of tutorial videos are supported. Though users find Shotcut’s UI slightly quirky, even it includes great features to help you out. The best thing about the software, it has 4K HD resolution support & timeline editing features. It supports both audio & video formats & codecs using FFmpeg. Also supports Blackmagic Design SDI & HDMI for input & preview monitoring.

openshot video editor logoOpenshot

Another free video editor, Openshot that is incredibly simple & powerful. Use easily, learn quickly. This is also a cross-platform video editor like Lightworks, Shotcut, and others. Quickly trim down & cut your videos, use powerful animation framework including fade, slide, bounce, etc. insert many background videos, audio tracks, watermarks, etc. use video effects, like remove background, brightness adjustment, invert the colors, etc. audio files visualization as waveforms, add titles using templates or own-made, render beautiful 3D animated titles & effects, reverse or slow down or speed up video, and more. Easily edit by dragging & dropping video, audio or photos.

hitfilm express logoHitFilm Express

This video editor using professional-grade VFX tools as well as everything you desire to create stunning content, films, gaming videos, and more. It features professional-grade video editing, alongside a built-in voice recorder, complete 2D & 3D compositing, more than 410 effects & presets, unlimited tracks & transitions, free video projects & tutorials to assist you in editing video effortlessly. In addition, to edit videos it offers advanced cutting tools, keying for green-screen effects, audio filters, layers & masking tools, etc. to work with more efficiently.

Photo Editor – Who does not love capture photos? Of course, everyone. And capturing photos and want to edit them is also a preferred thing to do in our leisure time, right? So go for some free and best photo editing apps available for you. You can choose from GIMP or Paint.NET or Pixlr X or Adobe Photoshop Express Editor or Fotor. Top 100+ Free Software Download


GNU Image Manipulation Program, in short GIMP, providing sophisticated tools users as a photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, or scientist need to get their project done. It supports a multi-platform that lets you change its source code and distribute your changes as well. It further provides the needed tools for high-class image manipulation from retouching to restoring, the power & flexibility to transform images, superior color management features, and so on. Its toolkit is wonderful and features layers, curves, masks, and levels. Also, make use of the outstanding clone stamp & healing tools, make custom brushed, apply perspective changes, and smart selection tools. In addition, get multiple customization options & third-party plug-ins for improving your productivity with the free photo editor.

Paint .NET LogoPaint.NET

It is a quick, and easy-to-use free photo editing tool. Though it offers fewer options than GIMP, yet a dependable all-rounder. Use an extensive range of handy & powerful tools, special effects, layers to your photos, and work effortlessly with unlimited undo. It also helps you editing even if you have no knowledge about editing by featuring friendly, tutorials, as well as plug-ins. Work easily with a ton of filters, a brilliant 3D rotate or zoom function, and plug-ins produced by the myriad community.

pixlr logoPixlr.Com

Developers claim Pixlr is the world’s favorite no.1 online photo editing tool, allowing you to edit photos free straight in your web browser. Nearly any image format can be opened in the tool including PSD, JPEG, PNG, etc. Do photo editing with next-level and intuitive AI-powered tools that ensure fast, and professional edits. The tools powered by AI lets you take your work to a new level by background removing and cutting out things. Furthermore, make changes finely to colors & saturation, sharpen & blur images, use frames & vignette effects, and mix several images. It also provides layers as well as a collection for painting & drawing. Pixlr.Com offers two sections to edit Pixlr Express- Pixlr X shortly, Pixlr Advanced- Pixlr E shortly. So start editing with Pixlr X, save, and then again edit with Pixlr E.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor LogoAdobe Photoshop Express Editor

The name says all, Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is the company’s world-leading photo editor; you can use whether downloadable software of it or browser-based version, but it offers a wider toolkit than the downloadable one. Edit photos right in your web browser. Make your photos perfect in just some clicks, use the crop option for adjusting size & aspect ratio, rotate & flip phots, and straighten crooked lines, use resize option for switching up the dimensions of any photo, use touch up option for retouching photos using the Spot healing tool, and remove unwanted objects, blemishes & distracting details, and use filters option to add filters. The web-based editor only supports JPG formats.

Fotor LogoFotor

A cross-platform photo editor that can also be used in browsers online. Ensure you take your photo to the level that you did not think of before. It features an array of templates, basic edits including crop, resize, straighten, background remover, 14 various 1-tap enhancer, effects included photo effects, AI photo effects, tilt-shift, color splash, mosaic, etc., beauty touch up included photo retouching, wrinkle remover, photo reshaping, blemish remover, red-eye remover, teeth whitening, and more, collage maker, HDR correction, add text, clip art, and frames. Edit tour photos completely, without worrying about picture quality loss. The editing tools are powerful, but easy-to-use, and work on multiple photos simultaneously with no hassle. There are more than 100 various layouts in collage maker to work with. It supports a wider variety of import & export formats, included JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and RAW file formats as well.

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